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Big Wheels

Over the years private companies and town organizations have participated in the event. The thunder of big motors fills the air as the big  trucks and heavy equipment circle the Brodie Park playing field. Kids are encouraged to touch, climb and explore various vehicles ranging from a crane truck, cement mixer, fire truck, ambulance, school bus, garbage truck, and race car to name just a few.

On the road circling the playing field, kids and parents could enjoy a more sedate experience with a ride in the bright blue Roaming Railroad train

The September display of big wheels has been a staple attraction in the area and the park .  In 2017 the event was cancelled.  An event of this proportion can not be planned and run and made successful without volunteers.

Because it was a great to raise capital for park improvements and projects, it has been decided that Big Wheels will return.

Come join us this year on September 8, 2018.

About Big Wheels

Big Wheels began in 2000 as way for Friends of Brodie Park to raise finances primarily for the maintenance of the playscape at Brodie Park.  They were looking for ways to generate funds to adequately mulch the grounds to meet safety standards.