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Born into a military household, I settled and raised my five children in New Hartford over 20 years ago. My grandfather was born across the street from Brodie Park. Over the years, my family has inspired me to be active in the community, serving on the board of Catholic Charities, becoming a Girl Scout leader, a member of the PTO in four different schools, a 'Room Mom', a Catechism Teacher, and be involved with helping the St Paul’s Booster Club. In addition to serving the community in many ways, I was a Salon owner for 28 years and played an active role in the Northwestern Chamber of Commerce. The most rewarding part of owning a business was providing jobs for people and being able to offer community service to the local area.

Pam FitzGerald,Vice President

Daniel V Jeram,Secretary


Pam FitzGerald

Daniel V Jeram

Having moved here as a teenager with his family in 1977, Dan fell in love with New Hartford and decided it was the perfect place to raise a family. After graduating from Northwestern Regional 7 and the University of North Carolina, he married Carlene at Immaculate Conception Church in 1996. Their three children (Mike, Jack and Lizzie) all attend local schools.  Now entering his fifth term in office as New Hartford’s First Selectman, Dan continues to be a hands on leader. Whether working with staff at Town Hall, attending a night Town meeting, or helping our DPW employees in the field with road work, Dan is always close by and accessible to our residents. Dan is active with all recreational sports leagues and enjoys coaching youth soccer and basketball as well as attending many weekend New Hartford social events. In his spare time, Dan enjoys spending time with his parents at their farm winery or visiting one of New Hartford’s wonderful parks.  
Prior to being elected First Selectmen, Dan spent roughly 10 years on the Regional 7 Board of Education as well as volunteering on several other Boards and Commissions over the last 30 years.

Pam is currently a volunteer fundraiser for Brodie Park. Pam was introduced to fundraising when she joined Friends of Bakerville Libray back in 2004.  As she states: “Books were strewn everywhere.  Piled so high it was amazing that they stayed in place. 
My introduction to fundraising was a book sale.  I was hooked. Fundraising is exciting.    It’s like a giant puzzle. How can I put the pieces together in a way that is creative and    logical? How can I connect with people and convey a need?”

As a member of the Friends of Bakerville Library she took on the task of writing a grant so that remodeling could begin on the newly acquired building next to the library.  Starting in 2013, she worked for  5 years on a car raffle fundraiser to buy the building for the library. After retiring as Assistant Librarian from Bakerville Library in 2016 she joined the Board of Directors of the library in a volunteer capacity and is currently Chair for their Programming and Publicity Committee.  She was elected to be a member of the Advisory Council for Catholic Charities and has been a volunteer on that committee since 2012.  In 2015 she was hired to be the Cafe manager for the food program at the New Hartford Senior Center.
She hopes the community will share her enthusiasm for Brodie Park as she plans fundraising events for the preservation, improvement and maintenance of the park. 

 Elaine Murphy, President 

 Elaine Murphy