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History of Brodie Park
Why is a Park relevant?
Nestled among green trees and blue water of West Hill Pond, Brodie Park greets visitors and
beckons the community to leave worries behind, enjoy nature and gather together for a
variety of activities. Sitting on the southern side of West Hill Pond, Brodie Park began as
Camp Berkshire, a girls camp which later became co-ed. Berkshire campers came to
Torrington CT by train and then traveled by bus to the camp. After WWII Richard E. Brodie
joined his father as director of Camp Berkshire
In an excerpt from West Hill Storytellers, Richard E. Brodie states: ‘We finally arranged to
sell the property to the town of New Hartford to serve its citizens as a public park. First
select-woman Anita Baxter was my co-conspirator in persuading the town to buy what is now
considered the town jewel to be shared in perpetuity by the citizens of New Hartford and their
children.” In 1986, property owners Richard E Brodie and his sister Helen Myerson sold the
land to the Town of New Hartford. Today many cabins from this era remain but are sadly in need of repair.
To this day Brodie Park remains a center of social activity for children and adults and local
groups and associations.
Some of the many opportunities available are:
• a tennis court
• a playscape, erected in 2005 on 1.36 acres and divided into zones with bridges, towers
and sandboxes and constructed by volunteers associated with the group Friends of
Brodie Park
• summer programs conducted by the Recreation Department of the Town.
• beach access to West Hill Pond where boating, swimming, and fishing takes place.
• flea markets held by The Lions Club
• a Fishing Derby sponsored by the Recreation Department
• ‘Race Around the Lake’ sponsored by the New Hartford Recreation Commission
• New Hartford Day, an annual event, established and conceived in 1974 by Kristina
Smith and Kathleen Barnes for the purpose of bringing the different sections of town
• Cub Scout Pack 19 has a cabin remodeled by parents and volunteers and used for
meetings, storage and occasional camp outs.

Fundraising events continue and are important to maintain, preserve and improve the park.