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brodiepark.org @ 2018

Overall Winners
Piotr Kestyk of Bethel Time:21:50
Bethany Adams of New Hartford Time:29:33
Age Group 8 & Under
1st place male Sawyer Martin of New Hartford Time:29:56
2nd place male Brodie Delay of New Hartford Time:33:10
1st place female Isla Unger of New York Time:43:38
2nd place female Sienna Michaiski of New Hartford Time:58:19
Age Group 9-13
1st place male Troy Woodward of New Hartford Time:24:54
2nd place male Robin Benz of New Hartford Time:29:48
1st place female Hannah Donzella of Windsor Time:31:07
2nd place female Caraline Garrney of New Hartford Time:33:32
Age Group 14-16
1st place male Henry Martin of New Hartford Time:26:38
2nd place male Matthew Henrickson of Barkhamsted Time:27:20
1st place female Bethany Adams of New Hartford Time:29:33
2nd place female Parker Brobston of New Hartford Time:35:03
Age Group 17-19
1st place male Chris Mangini of New Hartford Time:23:54
2nd place male Devante Smith of Winsted Time:27:44
1st place female
2nd place female
Age Group 20-29
1st place male Piotr Kestyk of Bethel Time:21:50
2nd place male
1st place female Kara Deming of New Hartford Time:32:13
2nd place female Tara Holm of Bristol Time:38:54
Age Group 30-39
1st place male Michael Dallis of New Hartford Time:23:37
2nd place male Tom Starodaj of New Britain Time:25:05
1st place female Amy Hatfield of Torrington Time:31:14
2nd place female Laura Thomas of Middlebury Time:32:32
Age Group 40-49
1st place male Joshua Adams of New Hartford Time:23:10
2nd place male Eric Gamari of Torrington Time:24:07
1st place female Nicole Donzella of Windsor Time:31:08
2nd place female Annabelle Lee of Brooklyn Time:31:39
Age Group 50-59
1st place male Brian Mattielo of New Hartford Time:25:09
2nd place male Mike Mangini of New Hartford Time:26:11
1st place female Megan Thompson of Storrs Mansfield Time:30:27
2nd place female Jennifer McCormick of New Hartford Time:31:55
Age Group 60 & older
1st place male Robert Deming of New Hartford Time:26:39
2nd place male John McGrane of Farmington Time:27:45
1st place female Debby Perry of Plantsville Time:31:44
2nd place female Maureen Gillis of East Haddam Time:33:15