@ 2018

BrodiePark, Inc Mission Statement

To serve the community by enhancing their experience and to accomplish the preservation,
improvement and maintenance of Brodie Park through our fundraising activities and programs.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to contribute to the physical, mental, and social interests of those who come to use the
park. Brodie Park is a beautiful place for swimming, hiking, fishing, biking, walking and many other
outdoor activities. We plan to assist in the preservation of the park through partnerships with various
groups interested in maintaining, preserving and improving the park . Our goal is to develop
fundraising events that will provide the park with a means by which to make these goals happen. We
wish to enhance and strengthen the bond of community and will work to provide a place where
residents and visitors can come to enrich their lives by providing a welcoming setting in the hopes that their lives will be enriched by their experiences in the park.
To ensure that we provide for the needs of the park, we will be evaluating and identifying the strengths and opportunities that exist in the park. We are hoping that the community will share their ideas and thoughts regarding our planning of high quality programming activities for fundraising. Investing in the park increases the quality of life for the community and visitors. By extension, it fosters a strong sense of community for the success of the proposed fundraising activities. We look forward to the support members of the community will provide for us in our journey to keep Brodie Park the treasure it is.