@ 2018

To all of our Volunteers - THANK YOU!

Bob Deming Bob Murphy Casey, Kiley Chloe Martin Christine Sullivan Jeremy Shafer Kevin Gaffney Tammy, Amanda and   Disabella Lew  and Marci Chappel Corina Hughes Jake and Michael Jerram Diane & Mike Kurtz Dominic Edwards Ellen, Kelly, Mckenzie and Cassidy Stotler Hank FitzGerald Jill Healey Joshua Adams Justin Tatspaugh Milissa  and Jason Woodward Nicole and Andrea Novotny Rebecca Binney RJ Murphy Robert Casper Sean and Shayla Hardy Shawn Hardy Skylar and Jackson DiMartino

Elaine and I would like to recognize all the volunteers, who have so generously donated their time to volunteer for the several events promoted by BrodiePark, Inc.  We have been fortunate to have such enthusiastic volunteers.
To the following who helped us in 2018:  THANKS