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A Note From The Board 

July 2023


Dear Sponsors and Supporters


Wow! What a year, and what a journey.

BrodiePark, Inc. has been fundraising for the last 5 years and with your interest and support it was successful “beyond our wildest dreams”. BrodiePark, Inc will be closing the business this year. It is time for us to pass the fundraising torch to another dedicated group.


We are proud of our many accomplishments. We transformed Big Wheels into a festival like event, held outdoor summer movie night in the park, improved Race Around the Lake, sponsored a Food Crawl and took over organization of New Hartford Day. This gave us an opportunity to donate $1000 to the Recreation Commission.

In 2020 we began renovation to the Life Guard cabin. In 2021 (during a pandemic), we got very creative and held a virtual Race Around the Lake and New Hartford Day was reinvented to a Saturday evening.

In 2022 a donation went to the purchase of two new Park entry signs with added space to post events happening in the park.


A dream, from day one, was to install new bathrooms at the Park. So, we are thrilled, this year, with our largest donation of $18,000 towards this goal.


Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for your support.


Elaine Murphy

Dan Jerram

Pam FitzGerald


Brodie Park

Lauren Lynn
At Brodie there's always something to do whether it is going to the beach, running over in the evening for a quick sports practice or attending events.  My family has many fond memories. When the kids were younger, we spent a lot of time at the playground. Now, we enjoy the summer concert series. Brodie Park provides a sense of community with all the familiar, friendly faces at the events.

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