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Erin Smith: Bella Glass Design

Had a great time, especially w the kids  Little stinkers were so sweet, coming w their wads of one's....I sold a $25 pendant for a wistful of ones!  Cuties!  I usually give out the Rings to all the kids and I ran out and they were bringing their friends so I had to come up with a second idea. It was a blast though.

Thank you again!

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A Note From The Board 

Our focus is Brodie Park. a place of nature that consists of 200 acres available to the public for a variety of activities. The park is set in an idyllic, rural location at 580 West Hill Rd in New Hartford CT.
According to the NRPA : "Americans cherish their local public park and recreation services".
Parks and recreation facilities are the places people go to stay fit, to be one with nature, to relax and to play. BrodiePark, Inc. relies on your generosity so that we can continue to maintain and improve the park.
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BrodiePark, Inc.
PO Box 5
New Hartford CT 06057
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BrodiePark, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity.All proceeds from our events go to improve and maintain Brodie Park. 

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