Race Around The Lake

The 20th Annual Race Around the Lake 

Race Around the Lake is a Brodie Park tradition. It all began in 2001, on a Memorial Day weekend with 50 avid runners and lovers of the outdoors. 

The 3.5 mile race draws experienced runners from throughout CT as well as local walkers who come to test their skill and reap the benefits of running and walking.  The route is appealing and highlights the beauty of the area.  Runners and walkers wind their way through the local Boy Scout camp, past the West Hill Pond boat ramp with the majestic view of the lake, down through the quiet tree lined streets of the area ending, where it began at the park.


Brodie Park 
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New Hartford, CT 06057,USA
Fundraising Co-ordinators

BrodiePark, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity.All proceeds from our events go to improve and maintain Brodie Park. 

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