Race Around The Lake

"I ran in the Race Around the Lake event over Memorial Day weekend this year and LOVED
it! Was a fun, relaxed race with people cheering you on all along the way, even fellow
runners. Also full of beautiful views of West Hill Lake! Was nice to see people of all ages
running for a good cause. Will definitely be doing this again and would recommend it to others."
Whitney Ammary

Bob Deming says “ I’ve been running for 40 years. My favorite races are local because I like meeting
the same people at the events.” He’s run in Race Around the Lake 18 times. By our count that makes
63 miles. His advice to new runners “start easy and finish hard”. Bob supports the race as a volunteer to
clear the path through the wooded area of the run as well as donating the prizes for the overall male &
female runners.

Food Crawl

“We all had so much fun going from one restaurant to another trying the different appetizers.  We’re looking forward to doing it again, and all for a good cause.” Francine Milette

"The food crawl is an event for everyone. We enjoyed trying new restaurants and meeting new people as we followed the map. We will be sure to sign up again!" Stacy Pollack

Big Wheels

“Our kids enjoyed seeing and climbing  on the vehicles at the Big Wheels event. The train ride was especially a big hit!” Amy Katherine Gresczyk

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